Pathways is our faith formation time on Sunday mornings for all ages. Our lives get shaped and formed by many different influences and forces. Tending to the formation of our faith and the faith of our children is one of the most important things we do in the church. Pathways is one of the ways we focus on faith formation at Pioneer.

Children's Pathways (Age 3 - 4th grade)

Holy Moly invites our children to use their biblical imaginations and become theologians in their own right. This fall they will explore Old Testament stories including Creation, The Stone Tablets, Deborah, Ezekiel and much more! Parents of children who are 3 years old or turn three during the year have the choice to have them stay in the nursery or to accompany their child to class to see how the transition goes. Teachers will be willing to work with parents on this transition. Our third graders will be both learners and helpers for the younger kids.

Middle School Pathways (Grades 5th - 8th)

re:form Ancestors, we will explore unlikely people called by God to do amazing things. Youth are encouraged to see the similarities between themselves and their faith ancestors. Videos that use humor aimed at young people also engage the serious theology of what our biblical ancestors went through and experienced. Titles include Pontius Pilate the Troubled Politician, Ruth the Tenacious Outsider, Mary and Martha the Bickering Sisters, Jacob the Conniving Survivor and more! You won't want to miss this!