The Upper Room is our interactive weekly worship experience for children age 3 through kindergarten. Children start worship in the sanctuary and go to The Upper Room (mezzanine) after the conversation with children. In The Upper Room children sing, pray, and bring Scripture to life in age appropriate ways. Adults in the sanctuary might be a bit envious of the crayons, playdough, videos, and group activities in The Upper Room!

We believe deeply that children belong in worship, so we have worked hard to create opportunities for children to be with the whole community and also have experiences that are specific for their age.  On communion Sundays, children stay in worship to participate in the sacrament.  Children are ALWAYS welcome to stay in the sanctuary for worship.  We also have special children's worship bags with engaging activities for both readers and pre-readers.  Parents can help their children learn to worship, which is an essential part of faith formation for all ages.